June 2019 Review

My Quarterly Blab Thing

June is Le Mans month, an important time of the year for me. The race was good this year, as usual, and Toyota won again, but I think the race lacks the tension and excitement it had when Toyota had competition from Porsche and Audi. But these two manufacturers no longer compete. They are sadly missed.

Summer is here and the weather has improved some what, but nothing like the heatwave we had for most of last summer. As I write this it has been raining again, but at least it isn't cold today. Hopefully the weather will settle down and be a bit warmer for the next few months.

This month I have enrolled my books in the Smashwords Summer and Winter Sale. This starts on the 1st July and lasts for the whole month. All my ebooks will be free at Smashwords for this time. You can find my ebooks here. Have fun.

Rosanna is still having compression bandages applied to her right leg. The leg has improved since I last wrote and the wound in her calf is looking a lot better. I hope this improvement continues.

See you next time.

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