June 2017 Review

My Quarterly Blab Thing

Easter is long gone and the Summer has come and the weather is a lot better at last. I am glad for the warmth as I don't take to the cold very well any more. Well, I am 60, so I guess my skin is a bit thinner now and I just feel the cold more. But now there will be brighter, warmer and longer days to enjoy for a short while at least.

June is my traditional motor racing month as the 24 Hours of Le Mans is held during this month. The race is on the 17th and 18th this year. Le Mans is one of the few races I look forward to every year. I just have a thing for big sports cars. And although it is 24 hours long the race will be over all too soon. Then I mull over the result for a few days and begin to look forward to next year. Last year was a shocker with the race being resolved on the last lap. We'll see if it is as exciting this year.

See you next time.

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