June 2014 Review

My Monthly Blab Thing

Do any of you have a subscription with Scribd? Smashwords delivers books to Scribd, so authors who remained opted in to the Scribd channel got a free subscription. It took me awhile to get round to looking at some of the books on there. The content seems to be changing with more books being added all the time, but science-fiction wise I only managed to find a couple of books that I liked. One of these books I had read before while another was something new. They were easy to read online at Scribd and so the experience was worthwhile, so I will probably use it again. There are a lot more books on there since I first looked in, and as I said it seems to be growing. It will be interesting to see how it develops.

So far royalties for my books seem to trickle in on a fairly regular basis from Smashwords, Amazon and Google. Nothing pretentious, but it seems to be a constant trickle. At least it means some people are reading them. And what reviews I get seem to be positive on the whole.

Now back to the day job.

See you next time.

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