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For a while now work has begun to edge ever more into my spare time. Part of the problem is due to what is often considered to be an advantage: Working at home. The bad side to working at home is that you don't tend to stop at five. Your hours are more flexible and you tend to do more rather than less. Or at least I do. Weekends are the same, and before you know it, it becomes natural to just do a bit more on Saturday or Sunday. It's a slippery slope.

Unfortunately, work is a necessary evil unless you have a million seller and the odd movie deal in the works. So I tend to do the work as and when required and leave my other hobbies to that imaginary time called later. But I admit that all this could just be a good excuse. If I needed one. The sad thing is that I don't.

The hobbies I miss tend to be 3D modelling, something that I also do for work, or at least that I prefer to do for work. There is a lot of other stuff I would prefer not to do, but that is just life. So even if I had as much spare time as I needed, I would probably work on a CAD system rather than a word processor.

I sometimes think about writing again, mainly as a result of going through my other books. They stir my memories and my imagination. I also have one or two stories that I was always going to write but never did. One of those I actually started and it was 30,000 words in when I sort of stopped. I do still think about both these stories, and about the plot development and characters, but I haven't gone back to writing the one I started. It just sits in my mind.

In some respects the way a story rolls around in my head for a long time now is similar to what I used to do before. And it was often while travelling to and from work that I created characters or events in the stories I would later write.

Maybe as we get older it just takes longer. Though I think that is just another excuse.

See you next time.

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