June 2011 Review

Writing News

All of a sudden it's Summer. Time to be out and about rather than stuck in front of a computer. Well, that's my excuse.

Following on from last month (that seems to be a favorite phrase of mine...) I am now registered with Google Editions as well as their Google Book programme. So far nothing much more than that to report, so I will wait and see how it all works out. At least I am expanding my reach a little.

No progress on “The Sullenfeld Oracle” this month. Even taking into account my excuse above about Summer, I seem to have gone off the boil again with regard to my writing. Not unusual for me these days as the last paperback book I actually published was “The Tale of the Comet” back in 2008. Although “A Fine Woman” and “Mind Games” were published on Kindle only in 2010, these were both written well before that, and were never published as actual paperbacks. It seems strange as “The Sullenfeld Oracle” had been progressing quite well until now, 30,000 words well, and the characters were all coming on very well too. But these days I sometimes feel writing is too much of a chore, and once I get into that mood it's hard to get back out of it. It's not so much writer's block, as writer's reluctance. I just don't want to write. Reading through it sometimes helps. It's an editing and review process, but sometimes it starts things moving again and the story moves forward once more. At the moment I am avoiding doing even that, but later rather than sooner curiosity will overtake me and I am sure I will have to go back and take another look.

See you next month!

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