June 2009 Review

Writing News

Following my rant last month about Windows Vista and the joys of working with Microsoft Office 2007, I have now calmed down a lot and got used to just having to deal with the changes. Well, what else can we do? In general most things are the same, its just that most of the changes in Word and Excel just annoy me rather than help, although I am getting used to finding everything again. I think its called coping. One of the things that did cause me some major headaches was with the CGI software I use from DAZ Studio. Now that definitely doesn't like working with Vista. To get over that problem I have had to go back to using a previous version of DAZ Studio from 2006. But it works fine. Silly isn't it?

Okay, I still haven't done any additional writing, but the ideas are coming together. First off is my thesis, which is in a single bound draft at last (after numerous corrections), so I am hopeful that the next set of corrections will be the last, at least until after it is submitted. With that more or less out of the way I can concentrate more on artistic writing with a clear conscience. So that means getting my head around “The Sullenfeld Oracle.” At the moment I have a basic plan, with three main storylines. Its just about blending them together. I have a feeling that once I start in earnest it will sort itself out as I write. This might be a bit optimistic but I am very aware of how complicated some of my previous stories are and how they just wrote themselves. I am hopeful this will be the same. We will see.

I said last month that I was thinking about putting some of my books on Kindle. I have decided to go ahead with this for “The Tale of the Comet” when I have a bit of money to spend! I am also going over my previous stories now that it has been some time since they were all finished. The idea is to pick up any editing errors I mised last time and update the files at BookSurge. I have started re-reading “The Friendly Ambassador” and as I said above, I am sometimes surprised at how good my stories turned out to be and I often wonder if I could do the same again. The books produced by PublishAmerica are pretty well edited, and as I can't really do anything about these I am hopeful that I won't find anything to worry about. The editing was all down to me for the BookSurge published books, and I know some errors got away there, but I want to go through them all cleanly and logically to try and pick up anything I have missed, not just the things I know about. As the books are print on demand, updating the files isn't a problem. Again, there will be a small cost, but I don't mind if it means they are that bit better. Anyway, there is nothing worse than seeing and knowing there is an error on that page there and not being able to do anything about it. I am going to get you sucker!

See you next month.

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