June 2008 Review

Writing News

I have now at last completed the formatting of “The Return of the Sixpack” and it is now available for purchase here on As usual it has been published by BookSurge and I am very grateful to all the staff there who make the process both easy and very rewarding. I may not make much money from my books from a commercial point of view, but from an artistic point of view the whole experience is very rewarding and enjoyable.

As I said last month, “The Return of the Sixpack” is a big book, and the final page count was 648! When I received my proof copy I was astounded at how big and how good it looked. It was big. And my fears about the cover proved to be unfounded. It turns out that I had got it absolutely right. The copy I have -did I tell you it was big?- was really good. All the images and text were exactly how I wanted them. If you are wondering why I am making such a fuss compared to all the previous book covers, it is simply because this was the biggest one so far. I am very pleased by how it turned out, and I always enjoy seeing the finished book. There is something about all those pages of text and the chapter headings. I can browse through them for ages.

I love it when a book comes together. And believe it or not, I now have nine of them on

Now, of course, it is time for “The Tale of the Comet.” I have already started on the formatting for this book, and the cover is already finished. Again this will be a large book. However, I can split it if I wish, as this time there is a natural break. The main thing with this book is continuity. As I wrote it first, before all the others except for “An Affair of the Heart,” I have to bring it back in line with what went before. I also have to tie in links with previous stories and with “The Sullenfeld Oracle,” which is Bey-Jai's story after “The Tale of the Comet.” So this means a bit more tweaking than the others to clarify points and to add a few extra scenes. However, that just makes the task all the more interesting. It may also make the book a little bit longer.

And when that is done I have to get my head around “The Twelve Great Ships.”

And of course, there's always my thesis!

See you next month.

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