June 2006 Review

Latest News

Amazon Shorts have accepted two of my stories for publication on their website as downloadable ebooks. These stories are “Wagstaff & McClean” and “A Fine Woman.” “A Fine Woman” has been split into three parts to allow for the word length limit set for Amazon Shorts. These two stories should appear over the next week. The result of this is that I have removed these two stories from my website. You will still be able to read them, but you will now have to do so by downloading the Amazon Short when it becomes available. I will make a change so that when you click on the links you will be diverted to the Amazon Shorts website where the stories can be found. If you have read either of these stories, thanks. Let me know if you enjoyed them.

I have submitted the third part of “The Friendly Ambassador: Changes” to PublishAmerica. I haven't heard back from them yet other than to say that they had received my submission. It will be a shame if they don't accept it. I'll tell you what happened next month.

As I mentioned last month, I am in the process of setting up another website at, which is connected with Daz Studio. The site is still under construction, but eventually I hope to use it to display all my images and things. I'll tell you more about it as I find out myself.

The picture I have for you this month should be relevant to all those of you who have read either “The Return of the Sixpack” or “The Tale of the Comet.” See you next time.



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