June 2005 Review

Writing Progress

“The Friendly Ambassador: The Beginning Of The End” is now available from and Barnes & I have ordered a few books from each to see if things work. Barnes & Noble have already told me that they have shipped the book I ordered from them, so I will see when it arrives. I have also ordered two more from Amazon, but I haven't heard from them about a shipment date yet.

As I said last month, I was hoping to add the “search inside this book” facility on Amazon, but PublishAmerica said that they didn't participate. But they also said that they didn't mind if I did. So I did. It was easy to set up. First you apply to Amazon by clicking on the link that they provide. Amazon then give you a password and an account which you use to upload a PDF file of your book. The file must also contain the front and back cover images. Everything should be as it appears in the actual book, inside and out. It was easy to do this using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Amazon then do the rest. It didn't take long to appear either. One other thing is that because I have ordered a couple of books, I now have a rating, but it's way, way down. But it's a start.

I still haven't done any writing. But strangely I have been thinking about a story that fits at the very end of things, sort of after “The Tale Of The Comet.” The only problem is that I should be thinking about “The Twelve Ships” and “The Heroic Englishman,” but maybe that is the problem. Writing should be fun, and knowing that I should be writing one story may make it a chore if I don't feel like writing that particular one. Maybe I should just write what I feel like writing, which might not be the story I intended, but might be the one that stirs my imagination.

I will see where this goes.

What do you think of it so far? Email me!