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Summer is here (at last) but I haven't really seen much of it so far. Sitting in front of my computer most weekdays and weekends concentrating on building isolation bearings (now that sounds exciting, doesn't it?) means that I don't get out much. Whether I actually miss it though is another thing.

I am not a one for 'playing out' nowadays like I used to be. When I was a lot younger I couldn't get out fast enough. Rainy days were boring days. But as I grew older I gradually became aware that there were other equally exciting things to do indoors. No, not that. I mean reading, writing and other creative things. I have always been creative, and I have always liked learning new things. So I read all sorts of books from stories to text books. And I loved watching documentaries on all sorts of subjects. And soon my head was full of useless facts and figures. Great for someone interested in Trivial Pursuit. Or writing.

Research is an important aspect of creative writing. Even if you write Fantasy or Science Fiction like I do, where you can make up almost anything you like for your world setting, you still need to get the basics right. The more complicated things are the more research you need to do. But even a story set aboard an isolated spaceship where the characters take centre stage still requires the background and setting to feel right. It has to feel like it is set on a spaceship rather than a submarine or even a yacht. But you mustn't overdo it either, or the science and the jargon soon get in the way. It is the little things that make the difference.

At one time doing research meant visiting a Library. Now the internet means you can do quite extensive research while sitting at your computer. And it can be an enjoyable passtime, one that can be both very rewarding, and addictive, as one link leads you on to another. And before you know it, it is two o clock in the morning. Another day wasted. And it doesn't matter if it is a cold Winter's night, or a hot Summer's day.

Daft, isn't it?

See you next time.

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