July 2010 Review

Writing News

Still thinking about “The Sullenfeld Oracle” more than writing it. Never mind, I shall have time to spare to get round to it eventually. I think the reason is that I always seem to have something else on my mind these days that interferes with the plotting process that has usually fermented over time in the past. It’s a shame because I need that thinking time. Unfortunately this is due in part to life and everything that seems to catch up with you when you are in your fifties. Prior to this age it is only your own problems that affect you. After this age the problems of older relatives begin to emerge and impinge on your life. But that is life isn’t it?

One particular event that has occurred this month is Publish America deciding to publish books as paperbacks at $9.95 alongside higher priced hardbacks. The hardbacks are basically a repackaged softback with the price adjusted slightly. This seems like a reasonable change and may be related to Publish America’s recent agreement with Baker & Taylor to use their TechStream printing division. If it all works out well I could see my two PA books becoming more available and at a competitive price. I will keep an eye on Amazon and Barnes & Noble to see. With luck I might also see developments on the Kindle front for these two PA books which would be even better.

By the way, for all those who read on my website, and those who actually buy Kindle or MobiPocket versions of my books: Thank You. See you next month.

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