July 2008 Review

Writing News

Formatting of “The Tale of the Comet” is moving along nicely. I am taking time to bring what is one of my oldest stories into line with the ones that came before it, story timeline wise, that is. It is also nice to go over it again after so long. “The Tale of the Comet” has undergone a number of rewrites and tweaks since I first wrote it at the end of 1997 and early 1998. Yes, that was ten years ago. And it underwent its biggest change when I first started this website and uploaded it along with “An Affair of the Heart” back in May of 2000. And since then it has been left virtually unchanged. Now I have the opportunity to bring it up to date both in style and in the feel of the story in relation to the other Androktone stories. It wasn't until I wrote “The Friendly Ambassador” that the conversational style of the leading Androktone characters thought patterns came to the fore. I liked that almost argumentative style between the two halves of their minds, the human side and the side representing the Purpose. It gave an insight into the conflicts in their minds caused by opposing instructions or by prolonged association with real people, so to speak. I felt that this was an improvement over just talking about what they were thinking, and so I added these to “The Lost Girls” and “The Return of the Sixpack.” Of course, I also want to round things off a little better now that most of the preceding installments have been done. As I said last month, I also want to sort out what happens to Bey-Jai as a lead in to “The Sullenfeld Oracle.” So this all means that “The Tale of the Comet” might be a little different when I am finished with it. Hopefully that should be before Christmas.

I will probably take a break after that. With nearly all my stories published it will be the first time I will be thinking about writing for publication rather than just for my own enjoyment. Mind you I still get more enjoyment from this hobby than money, but then half the fun is in the exercising of creativity. Those that paint, paint, and those that write, write.

And I am sure you will all be pleased to know that I have started my thesis and it is also moving along.

See you next month.

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