July 2005 Review

Writing Progress

I received my copies of “The Friendly Ambassador: The Beginning Of The End” from both and Barnes & So my books are now available. I hope people buy a few.

I have sent the books I bought to a few people to catch their attention. I hope I get back positive news, but as always, this is only my dream. If I get any attention, it will come in it's own good time.

I am plodding on with my other work and generally getting on with living. As yet I still haven't felt like writing. I think it is just that I don't feel like it. And limited spare time makes it doubly difficult. At the moment I am enjoying playing with 3D images and creating scenes. It's probably more childish than writing, but it is also artistic in a way. Some people earn a good living from doing 3D images, and remember, most films rely on it these days. I will just have to go back to writing when I feel like it, whenever that is. I sometimes find that it is like this with my hobbies. One can be the centre of my attention only for it to wane after a while and be replaced by another. I can go through several phases like that, with different hobbies that take my fancy, only to come back round to the first one in the end. Then I go round again. Writing will have to take it's turn like all the rest.

Sorry that there is nothing new to read, but I hope there is enough on my pages to keep you interested for a while at least.

What do you think of it so far? Email me!