July 2001 Review

Web Page Progress

A short Review this month owing to the late arrival of June's Review.

On the web page front, there's nothing much to report. I still seem to be getting visits, I'm listed on a few search engines, and the odd change in meta tags hasn't made that much difference. I'll leave well enough alone and let things develop by themselves. By next year I will have renewed my domain name and various other things related to my website. I'll see how my visits are going then.

Writing Progress

I'm feeling relaxed now that "The Return Of The Sixpack" is finished. But I must confess that my mind has been wandering to "The Friendly Ambassador" for sometime now. I think it's because my mind reaches the end of a story before my fingers can finish it on the keyboard, and so I start thinking about the next one. Even now I've got some of the events and characters of "The Friendly Ambassador" in my mind. But I think I will leave off jumping straight into this new project for just a little longer. I still have one or two Short Stories to work on first, and then I think I'll set to work on "The Friendly Ambassador."

No Short Story this month, but there will be another next month.

What do you think of it so far? Email me!

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