July 2018 Review

My Quarterly Blab Thing

Welcome to another one of my irregular updates. Le Mans was a good race this year with far less incidents than last year. At last Toyota won, and although it was a somewhat depleted LMP1 field, I am happy at last.

I decided to take part in this month's Summer & Winter Sale event at Smashwords this year. So despite the fact that I don't get any reviews or actual sales after the event I have marked down all my books to free as usual. So if you want any of my books but don't want to pay for them, now is the time to look me up on Smashwords and get them for free.

I have now given up work to look after my wife, Rosanna. She is reliant on me being at home to keep her company and look after her. So I have now taken early retirement to be with her. My employers were very good with me and gave me a good severance payment. But the financial consequences are going to be high. I will be very pushed to make ends meet each month with only a few benefits and our savings until I can claim my pension when I am 66. We will still be a bit pushed then. It is a difficult and serious situation, but at least I don't have to worry about work anymore.

See you next time.

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