January 2014 New Year Review

My Monthly Blab Thing

Well, all that came and went rather quickly, didn't it? It seems like I have been back at work for weeks. Well, two actually. And it has taken me until now to post this. So I will start by stating my New Year's resolution: Be more casual.

In other words I may or may not post updates here very often, mainly because I am not doing much on the writing front and haven't for years. I guess this is an old hobby along with creating cover art and other artistic 3D stuff. For now 3D is for work, and/or actual things to make. I still have fun with that. Sort of.

I enjoyed my two weeks off over the Christmas Season and wasn't really looking forward to getting back to the grind. I still resent the way Christmas is discarded so quickly, virtually on Boxing day. I guess that is a hang over from childhood and the going back to school syndrome. We never really grow up, do we?

So it is back to normal and the rest of the Winter to see out. But not to worry, it'll soon be Easter! Had a chocolate cream egg yet?

See you next time.

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