January 2013 New Year Review

Same Old Same Old News

Christmas was quiet and not as cold as I thought it would be, although that seems to be changing at the moment. It was followed by a New Year with the odd and unexpected early surprise. For example, I found myself back in the work saddle after quite a long lay off, and with a company local to me, which is always welcome. What wasn't welcome was the sudden return to early morning starts just when the weather turned colder! Typical of me not to find a job in Summer. The hardest part though is getting the wife used to not having me around as much. We had settled into a comfy routine, and now it is all disturbed by alarm clocks and early departures followed by absence and then evening returns, showers and later dinners. Then it is bed time. Who'd want to work for a living, eh? Maybe I should try being a writer!

With work adding to my distractions, along with my other little hobbies, it looks bleak for my writing. To say that I had fallen out of love with writing some time ago would be an understatement. I haven't written anything in quite some considerable time, and I haven't had the urge to either. I also haven't missed it, so it is extremely likely that my writing days are behind me. Shame, but there you are. But that doesn't mean I won't keep an eye on them and do the odd update or two where needed. It is just that the original urgency and excitement has gone.

I still take pleasure in seeing and knowing that my stories are out there, and that occasionally someone might read one of them. So I monitor rankings and any sales at the various retail sites, and I check the odd reviews that are posted. And I try to make sure they are available everywhere and there are no problems. And I keep my website up to date. And that's it.

So, my New Year's resolution? "It's Life, Jim! Just as we know it!"

Oh, and I bought my wife a Kindle for Christmas.

See you next time.

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