January 2012 New Year Review

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Christmas was a lot warmer and pleasant this year than it has been over the past two seasons. Well, it was in my small neck of the woods anyway. I hope you all had a good Christmas. Now it is another New Year, and I am not really sure of what it holds in store for me. Mind you, that isn't very different from any year! So to begin with in this first Review of 2012 are some changes in my publishing and marketing endeavours. I will start with publishing first.

I first started publishing my books on Amazon as trade paperbacks back in 2005, and when Amazon introduced the Kindle and opened their Direct Publishing platform I duly jumped on board the Kindle/ebook bandwagon. For a while KDP was limited to US authors, but now it is open to all. And despite the arrival of Sony, Apple, and some of the bigger main stream publishing houses in the digital book arena, I have been and remain very happy with the support I have received from Amazon as both a publisher and vendor of my books. In fact, Amazon has allowed me to reach audiences I might not have been able to reach otherwise. But even with a presence on Amazon on two continents I don’t really sell many print books at all, and even my Kindle sales are low. I do sell a few, but not a lot. So not wanting to remain with all my eggs in the one basket, even though I am happy in this basket, I started branching out (expanding my reach?) late last year with the Google eBook Programme.

I sold my first ebooks on Google in November and December, one in the UK and two in Australia. On the down side, MobiPocket, an ebook platform created by Amazon prior to Kindle, and a format I also published all my books in, is being closed down in 2012 as Amazon are now concentrating all their digital publishing on the Kindle. So I am back to only two main vendors for my digital output. On the print side, I have also had a presence on Barnes & Noble in the US, but their Nook publishing option (Pubit) has never been available to authors in the UK. And with the recent KDP Select option with its exclusivity clause being promoted by Amazon I decided I should finally bite the bullet and also publish through Smashwords.

Publishing via Smashwords will at last allow me to get my ebooks in Nook format alongside my print books on Barnes & Noble. It will also allow me to reach both the Sony and Apple audiences as well as those using other eReaders such as Kobo. And I can offer free ebooks by creating coupons. It is something I should have done long ago. “An Affair of the Heart” is already available on Nook, and I have already sold my first ebooks through Smashwords over the holidays.

On the marketing front I opened two Facebook Pages back in November, and along with concentrating most of my socialising on Goodreads I have now joined The Independent Author Network to help promote my work. They do this by using Twitter, Facebook and generally blogging with links to this website, Goodreads and my two Facebook Pages. In other words they supplement my poor attempts at socialising with a more professional and focussed one. Or that is the idea. So I now have an Author Page and an Author Interview at The Independent Author Network, so please check them out.

In addition I have also joined The WoMen’s Literary Cafe which is a website that both promotes authors and helps readers find good books to read. There are reviews, blogs, forums, and everything. I hope to join in with some of their promotions, hopefully starting with the Free eBook Friday that begins this month and runs throughout the year. Their website is well worth visiting. I will let you know when my books are featured.

So, what does this mean to the website? Well, a few changes will appear on the List Page as links to MobiPocket disappear and links to both Smashwords and Nook at Barnes & Noble take their place. And you never know, even links to the Sony and Apple ebook stores may appear in time. Hopefully this will give you more choice in how you get to view samples and even buy my books.

Oh, my wishful thinking...

Happy New Year!

See you next month!

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