January 2011 New Year Review

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We had a very cold Christmas here in the UK, with the snow coming earlier than last year. It was the first time since my youth that I actually remember having snow on the ground on Christmas Day. Of course, as a child you love it when it snows, but as an adult I just hate it as its just a nuisance to travel. Bah Humbug! Anyway, now that its New Year the snow has gone and the weather has become a little milder, but its still cold!

I have been thinking more about writing again, although I haven't done any actual writing as yet. I am thinking about some changes in the plot for “The Sullenfeld Oracle,” which is good, because the plot is pretty thin in my mind at the moment. The problem isn't so much fleshing out the plot and story, its more like deciding on the skeleton in the first place. I have begun writing it, but as yet the direction isn't confirmed and so it hasn't sort of gone off on its own yet. When I know the direction and point it that way, it should flow, but I just don't seem to have the thinking time available these days to mull it over. I seem to be getting that back now, or at least I hope so, so I might get it straight in my head. Here's hoping.

As I mentioned last month, I am a visitor and an irregular contributor to The Spinning Wheel Cafe, a forum thread on the Amazon Kindle Community, and my two readings there where I posted samples from my books can be found using the following links:

See you next month, and a Very Happy and Safe New Year to you all!

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