January 2009 New Year Review

Writing News

No real writing news this month. I am busy with my thesis so I am not doing any artistic writing. Not that I have done much of that for a while now, apart from editing previous stories that is. Maybe that will change later. Probably much later.

Site News

I am starting to change one or two things on the website. Nothing fancy, just adding or changing bits when I have the time and inclination. I want to add a few pictures to the trailer pages and update some of the text. Bring them up to date, so to speak. I will try and do things bit by bit, so you might see a few changes soon.

Someone emailed me this month about Library copies of my books. Well, there are a few in the system here in Manchester in the UK. Not many, but a few. So I have added a link on the List Page to the Central Library in Manchester so that people can put in a request if they want one. I will also see about giving a few more books to the Library in the near future.

See you next month.

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