January 2007 Review

Site News

As reported last month, I have decided to call it quits with my payment system. As a result there are now two ways to access stories that are split into two parts.

For unpublished stories, please email me with any requests to access the second part of the story and I will do my best to send you the password promptly. As I don't always access my emails everyday, I hope you will be patient with me. Let me also point out that the passwords have not been changed, so if you have any, they will still work.

For published stories, I will merely link to where my books can be purchased and let the experts handle the money. If you have a password, you can still use it and gain access as before. I have not removed any works from my site.

So you have the choice for now. If you want to read on line and get the feel of a story before purchasing the book, you can. You can then buy the book, or you can email me and continue to read on line. You can then buy the book afterwards if you want. I can't do better than that, can I?

Thanks for your support through your visits.

Writing News

“An Affair of the Heart” has been published and is now available in both trade paperback and hardback form. If you have read the book and enjoyed it on this website and would like a real version, please visit and get your very own copy.

I am now working on the formatting of “The Look of Love.” As before the book will be published (hopefully) by BookSurge. Unlike “An Affair of the Heart,” where I used a Library photo of the Lincoln Statue for the cover, I have gone back to my usual style with the cover for “The Look of Love.” Using DazStudio, which, as anyone who has read any of these reviews will know, is my favourite hobby, I have created the scene from the story when Chrissy tries on the wedding dress. Take a look below for a preview of the cover for “The Look of Love.”

Finally, Happy New Year, and I hope it is a better one for all of you.


What do you think of it so far? Email me!

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