January 2006 New Year Review

Writing Progress

I have received the proofs for “The Friendly Ambassador: A Gathering of Angels,” and so I have been working through these to check for errors and to try and keep continuity with the first book. If all goes well the book could be published by February or March. The ISBN for the second book is 1-4241-2113-2, so keep a look out for it appearing in a month or two.

Rather than writing I spent most of the Christmas holiday period playing with images for the back covers and sorting out the back cover text for the remaining two parts of “The Friendly Ambassador.” I still don't feel like writing, although, strangely, I have continued the reading habit I began last year. I seemed to have stuck with Elizabeth Moon. I like some of her characters, so I prefer certain books to others, but I have read quite a few. It is interesting that the first thing I look for in a book, no matter who the author, is the presence or not of a leading female character. This personal choice limits the number of book titles to choose from, as the vast majority tend to have male leading characters. Female authors such as Elizabeth Moon try and even this out, hence my interest, but as I prefer science fiction/fantasy, my choice is still limited. However, if you have browsed the List Page on this website you will have noticed that romance stories do feature, and I have read a few in my time, its just that I don't tend to wander into that section when I am in a bookshop. Maybe I will have to be more adventurous in 2006.

After showing you the images from the front covers last month, its time for the back cover images from the four sets of covers for “The Friendly Ambassador.” So here they are.

As before I will add larger versions to my other website,

Happy New Year.

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