January 2001 Review

Web Page Progress

As always, the holiday season comes and goes with amazing speed. Now here we are in the middle of January and Christmas already seems so long ago. Never mind, only eleven months to go!

After I went rabbiting on about the tiny cost of my stories in last month's review, you may be pleased to hear that I have since had a further few sales. This has probably got nothing to do with what I said, but it pleased me to find out that there are some people out there who are reading my stories after all. Without any emails from you, the only feedback I get is when one of you makes a purchase. I have to admit that everytime I do get a sale, I can't help feeling excited. This is because I now know that someone has read all of that particular story rather than just sampling part of it. Knowing that my stories are being read is important to me. It means that I haven't been wasting my time. What I would also like to know is what you think about the stories, so for those of you who have bought access to one of my stories, email me with your views.

To date, I have had sales of "The Look Of Love", "The Lost Girls", "An Affair Of The Heart", and "The Tale Of The Comet". Those of you doing the purchasing seem to be mainly female and mainly American. Going by the keywords used in searches that turn up my site, most of you also seem to be more interested in romance stories, so it is fortunate that all my stories are rich in both romance and strong female characters. Not to say that the men don't get a look in, but I have to say that the strongest male characters seem to be the bad guys!

Writing Progress

Work on "The Return Of The Sixpack" continues. As I expected, Christmas interfered with my writing considerably, but I'm still at it. Currently, I'm up to Chapter Fifty-One, but I expect it to go on for at least ten more. Those of you who have read "The Lost Girls" will know that this story has fifty-one chapters and is the first part of "In The Shadow Of Mountains", and as "The Return Of The Sixpack" follows on from that to complete the story you can see that it is quite a tale! Until now, "The Tale Of The Comet" was my longest story at seventy-two chapters, but "In The Shadow Of Mountains" has now overtaken it.

Well, that's all for now. I'll keep on writing and I hope you keep on visiting. Happy New Year!

The Short Story will be back next month, but to recap, the Short Stories published so far are:

"The Spirited Passenger"

"Rosie-Rapter And The Ponderousosaurous"

"The Happy Eater"

What do you think of it so far? Email me!

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