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The books and short stories contained on the List Page are a mixture of romantic, suspense, science fiction, fantasy and one historical, well it is set in WW2, and all contain interesting and colourful male and female characters. In fact my female characters feature very prominently, many of them in strong leading roles, simply because I like writing about women. It gives my stories a slightly female bias, but I think they are better for it. If you like romance and adventure, look no further.

You can read online for a short time by either picking a short story or one or two chapters of the books you can find on the List Page. You can also download them to read later at your leisure. All the Short Stories are free, and the first twenty chapters of most of my books are also free for you to sample. And if you have emailed me for a password you can download the entire book for free. These free chapters and password chapters are all in simple HTML format and are the original first drafts of each book. There are also other alternatives. You can buy an actual trade paperback book at either Amazon, Barnes & Noble or one of the other online retailers. Paperback prices vary according to the size of each book. If these prices are too steep for you, you can purchase the Kindle version at Amazon and the ebook version from the Google Play eBookstore. You can also buy the equivalent Nook version at Barnes & Noble and various other ebook formats at Kobo, Blio and the Apple iBookstore. These Kindle, Nook and other ebook versions are priced at $2.99 each. Series starters and the odd single book are also priced at Free. And if you have a subscription with Scribd, you can read them all there for free. These versions have all been distributed via Smashwords so you can get all these ebook formats (DRM free) directly from, again at $2.99 each or Free. Links are provided for you to make your choice on the List Page. Please take a moment to browse before you move on. You may like what you find. is also the home of The Friendly Ambassador, a science fiction fantasy novel that mixes hard science fiction space opera with Greek Myth, taking a different approach to the legend of Atlantis, the origination of the Amazons, and the true nature of mythical creatures such as the Cyclops and Centaurs as aliens from other worlds. The story is set on Atlantian Earth, on board various ships in space, and on the far off world of Eden. It is full of rich characters, monsters and hardware, but it is packaged in a totally different way to anything thatís been done before. Female characters feature throughout the story, often in strong and attractive leading roles. They are strong, fearless and sometimes viciously brutal. But they are not evil. Their strength, sexuality and appeal is created by the many threats that they face and must fight to overcome. Like the men in the story they do what they do because they have to, they have no choice. These are women who are up for the fight and give it their all. Find out more at and on the List Page.

June 2020 Review

Find out if I am still alive and kicking by reading the latest Review. Previous Reviews can be found on the Letters Page.

Search the full text of my published books here: hopes to provide a good story to anyone who wants to read one online. On the List Page you will find short stories, romantic books, thrillers and science fiction books. All of the books and stories have been written by me, and as I would welcome any feedback, please don't hesitate to email me with your questions, views, or suggestions (no insults please!).

The Letters Page is updated each month with a review of progress and developments. These Monthly Reviews include any letters or comments that I might receive. The Reviews are usually added near the beginning of each month, so it's worth popping back from time to time to take a look and see what I'm rambling on about. One of the early Reviews contains a history of the development of this web site. If you are just starting out it might be worth a look.

Moving around on this site should be easy. The "book" style buttons on the left should stay in view whichever page you visit. They will take you directly to each of the main pages. Once on the main pages, simple underlined text links like the ones that appear on this page will take you deeper. If you ever get lost, or need a short-cut, use the "book" buttons to get back to any of the main pages.

The object of this site is for you to find something to read quickly and easily. Two clicks is all it should take. The first click takes you to the List Page, the second to one of the many books and stories available. All the Short Stories are free, and the first twenty chapters of every book are free to access and read on line. You can read them over and over, or print them out to read later if you wish. Most of my books have also been published, so if you want to purchase an actual book the links on the List Page will take you to the appropriate place at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. These will cost you a bit more, but at least you can read the first twenty chapters of the book before you decide to buy it! That's something you don't get the chance to do when browsing in a shop. There is also another alternative. If you wish you can purchase the Kindle version at Amazon and the ebook from the Google Play eBookstore. You can also buy the equivalent Nook version at Barnes & Noble and all other ebook formats (DRM free) at

However, if you don't have a credit card, or you are a bit concerned about buying online, don't worry. Just email me and I'll sort something out with you. Many of my stories have been available here for several years before they were published, and passwords will still give you access via the Order Page. So remember, I'm not out to make a vast profit here, but I do want your visit to be a happy one, and I do want you to come back often. So get in touch. I'm very understanding and approachable.

One of my books, Mind Games, has a screenplay version which is slightly different to the original. But if you have a password it will work for both the book version and the screenplay. It seems fair. This is also reflected should you decide to buy the ebook or Kindle version, as these are combined omnibus editions with both versions included.

I intend to add more books and stories as I finish them, so if you don't find anything you like on the List Page at the moment, please keep an eye out for any future additions. Books in preparation are noted on the List Page, and their progress will be chronicled in the Monthly Reviews on the Letters Page.

Happy reading!

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