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The Lost Girls

Anne Jenkins is a PE teacher with a girls hockey team in her charge. How she ends up in a forrest on the planet of Ellerkan pursued by knights in armour with nets and swords she cannot imagine. Knocked out, the next time she wakes up she finds herself in a castle dungeon with the Crown Prince of Halafalon and only half of her girls.

Prince Carl was as arrogant as he was charming. But he had a particular habit, a habit that would come close to killing him.

Prince Harold had planned a pleasant afternoon on a picnic, now he was despatched by his father, the King, to search for his missing elder brother. It would be another futile venture, ending with Carl being discovered in some tavern, or in the arms of some wench.

Lord William L'Roth should have been King. He knew it, and everyone else knew it. Now, when the artifact was complete, he would make it so.

Sir Henry L'Crief shared Lord L'Roth's cause, and at one time he would have feared the consequences of his treason against the King. But with his wife at his side and the artifact to call upon he now feared nothing, not even L'Roth himself.

Sir Henry's wife was not his real wife, but she was an unusual lover. Concubine, mistress, some even called her his pet. It was an apt description. She was large, malevolent and ever hungry. She was called Gil-Yan, and she was a dragon.

Five years before, Rolf L'Epine had been on a hunt with the Crown Prince. What he saw that day so horrified him that it changed his life forever. Since then, his life had been peaceful. Now it was set to change.

Ancient technology, a war that spanned the galaxy, and the consequences of a barbaric tradition returned to haunt them all, and even threatened to eat them...

“The Lost Girls” is one of two stories in the series “In The Shadow Of Mountains” that can be read individually or in order.

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