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The Friendly Ambassador: Walking With The Enemy

As the end approaches, Li-Sen-Tot contemplates his final role in the unfolding events. For him there will be no victory and no pleasure in the final revenge. And as Julam City, the capital of Eden, burns around him, he remembers his time on this once peaceful world and the staff and the people he had come to know so well. Those memories tug at his bitter heart, for his loss is too much to bear. But while he can afford the time to pause and dwell on the past and what has gone, everyone else has to keep moving. There is no time to stop and think as even the ground beneath them holds no safety.

With even the mountain city of Hilbrok lost to them, the Gate Of Heaven leads an armada of Edenite ships towards the safety of space. But final escape leads to a final reckoning. For the Androktones and the Seventy-Ninth of the Telen'Gal, escape brings the final solution to the turmoil that has dominated their thoughts in equal power. And for Anaxilea, it is a final peace for her troubled conscience. And even when Eden is left far behind, the affects of the changes that have overtaken them can still not be denied.

For Ares and the Atlantians the victory is hollow as they head for Troy and future exile. Only Zeus looks upon the future with eagerness and excitement. For him, it is a chance to proclaim himself as the bringer of a glorious victory, a victory that will finally confirm his status as a true god.

And when the battle and the war is finally over, the aftershocks continue. Prophercies and legends entwine, and in the end only one thing is certain: None of them, not even the galaxy itself, will ever be the same again.

“The Friendly Ambassador” is a four part galactic epic that mixes Science-Fiction with Greek Mythology and the legend of Atlantis.

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