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The Friendly Ambassador: Changes

The Keruh needed food to feed their Hives. They were an ancient race, one bred from generations of war between the Hives. For them, victory meant food and life, while defeat brought death and extinction. But their world had grown too small, its resources drained, and the number of Hives had dwindled. Necessity had forged the surviving Hives into a truce, a truce that became a unification when the Tun-Sho-Lok brought them access to the Ring. Now through the Ring Network Portals, the combined Keruh Host could descend on any world, consuming everything in their path.

The Seventy-Ninth of the Telen'Gal knew his place in the Hive and the role he must live. But association with the enemy brings with it a knowledge and a curiosity that threatens his every belief. Everything he once was is soon torn away, and with knowledge comes wisdom, and the final understanding of the error his people have made.

With the Prometheus destroyed, and Memnon leading the remains of his fleet home, Peleus is confused by a love for two alien women. Lysippe can no longer be his, and he learns too late that she never was. But Pantariste has now announced her interest in him, and as a Matriarch, she is not to be denied easily.

Scyleia still wants to save one —just one— of the clones that have fought so hard on Klysanthia. And when she finds out that Tai-Gil was one of the few survivors to escape alive, her need to bring the blonde-haired Androktone on board becomes a fixation. But she isn't the only one to fall under the spell of the Androktones. And for the clones, the perfect warriors, association with the enemy, the incorrect, brings an even greater threat, and perfection soon becomes a blurred and longed for image of the past.

“The Friendly Ambassador” is a four part galactic epic that mixes Science-Fiction with Greek Mythology and the legend of Atlantis.

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(ISBN - 1-4196-4621-4)

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