The Friendly Ambassador: A Guide To The Aliens In The Story

The Keruh

The Keruh are insect-like in appearance but are six-foot bipedal aliens that live in a hive society and follow a noble code based on war and sacrifice. Their world has Earth like gravity and atmosphere but is barren. The Keruh are split into five main castes: Warriors, Gatherers, Receivers, Diggers and Breeders. Only the Breeders are female and they never leave the hive. The Gatherers collect the food and do the chores (workers). What they gather they feed to the Receivers for transport back to the hive and from place to place within it. They are basically giant stomachs on legs. The Diggers dig the network of tunnels that make up the hive. The Warriors fight for territorial dominance over lands where sustenance is plentiful. They are the only sentient members of the race. The Warriors are asymmetrical in form, their left side and limbs being larger than their right, originally to aid in plugging holes in the hive walls. It gives them an ungainly appearance and a bobbing gait when they walk and run. Their brains are housed in their backs and only eyes and jaws are mounted on their heads. They each have a rank signifying their position. Highest is Dominant, then First, Second, and so on.

The Keruh were originally scattered over their world in many hives, but their success led to increases in population that were not sustainable and resulted in the barrenness of their world. Hives then waged war and devoured each other, gradually consuming all until only four remain: The Orly’Ank, Telen’Gal, Belol’Fan and Mysan’Taf.

The Edenites

The Edenites are seven-foot humanoids. Their world has a higher gravity than Earth and a denser atmosphere leading to a much larger and rugged appearance. They are mild-mannered and basically peaceful. They are reasonably intelligent but have only recently adopted modern (20th century) technology and society following their attachment to the Ring. Their population is sparse and they are at peace. The males have soft names such as Tipi and Kiki while the females have harsh names such as Breda and Gusta.

The Klysanthians

The Klysanthians are the opposite of the Edenites. They are seven-foot female humanoids whose planet has a lower gravity than Earth and a thinner atmosphere leading to a slender and sylph-like appearance. They live in Matriarchal clans called Houses under a single Queen. Their males are non-sentient and so take no part in their society. The females are tall and slender with child-like features and voices. They have no body hair and can float on water due to the presence of an enzyme in their skin that prevents the breaking of the surface tension. They are intensely independent and brave despite their fragility. They also have a strong physical and sexual presence necessary to entice their non-sentient males for procreation. This leads to highly tuned senses and an acute understanding of “body language.”

The Klysanthians are the ancestors of the Amazons, and as such they have Amazonian names such as Anaxilea and Lysippe, and their spaceships have names taken from their Houses. The Furnace Of Charity belongs to the House of Charity. Her captain, Anaxilea, is Matriarch of the House of Charity.

The Klysanthians are Christians due to an ancestor of Queen Otrera visiting the Holy Lands during the time of Christ. She brought Christianity to Klysanthia and founded the Matriarchal Houses. Although this is part of Klysanthian history in the story, and future history on Atlantian Earth, the hidden fourth dimensional element to the Ring Network system allows this discrepancy (all the civilisations in the galaxy are connected to the Ring and accessible at the same time despite their individual existence being in different epochs). Heli, the First Officer on the Gate Of Heaven is also the ship’s priest, or preacher.

The Tun-Sho-Lok

The Tun-Sho-Lok are the creators and manipulators of the Ring Network. They are five-foot humanoids with fine bones and yellow skin whose planet has the same gravity and atmosphere as Earth. They are born as hermaphrodites and choose their own gender at maturity. They have an androgynous or effeminate appearance and have no hair whatsoever. They are masters of genetics and the oldest race in the story and are ruled by the Humeric Council. Li-Sen-Tot, the Ambassador to Eden, is a member of the Council.

The Tun-Sho-Lok have names based on their two parents and the name they have chosen for themselves at maturity. Li-Sen-Tot is Li of Sen and Tot. Most of them choose to live on the many worlds attached to the Ring, but must return to Lokana, their home world, to breed successfully.

The Atlantians

The Atlantians are the only humans in the story. They live in a modern version of Greek democracy with equality among the sexes. They have Greek style names that include the names of many traditional Greek Gods such as Zeus and Ares. Their allies are at Troy and Ephesus. The usual Atlantian legendary rules apply, but with a few science-fiction twists.

The Androktones

The Androktones are female clones bred by the Tun-Sho-Lok from the genes of the Klysanthians and Atlantians. They are designed to accept any conditions but are at home in normal Earth gravity and atmosphere. They are seven-foot tall. They have inherited the acute sensitivity of the Klysanthians and the strength and build of the Atlantians giving them a more human and shapely appearance. They are the close cousins of the future Amazons, but they are not the same. They are beautiful but distant, and lack nearly all the social skills. They are all female so that they can insure the continued purity of their race, controlling the genetic material they receive from the males of other compatible races. In this way they can select and use any beneficial traits, such as increased strength, build, height, vision, etc., but still maintain the purity of the Purpose. The Purpose is to kill everything that doesn’t match the DNA codes locked in their minds. Unfortunately that means practically everybody.

The Androktones can separate part of their cerebral cortex and spine and remove it to create a shape-shifting weapon. The weapon can take any form, including a living organism. This is the drone that can grow into an immense and monstrous form that consumes all in its path. It does this by absorbing the biological material it consumes into its own bulk, growing larger each time. When separated in this way for a prolonged period the “parent” Androktone becomes a drone shell and her mind begins to fade. The drones are even less sophisticated mentally and are dominated even more by the need to kill.

The energy required to power the shape-shifting weaponry is converted from the mass absorbed directly by the drone when formed into a living organism. When used as a basic weapon held by the Androktones in a conventional manner the energy is drawn directly from living beings, rendering them down into a dense and lifeless hulk. The weapon is formed into an instrument designed for this purpose.

The Androktones have Tun-Sho-Lok style names but lacking one parent name due to their clone status. El-Quan is El of Quan.