The Friendly Ambassador: The Ring Network

The Ring network is a series of gateways or portals all linked together that was invented and controlled by the Tun-Sho-Lok. It is the main means of communication and travel. The Ring is basically a three-dimensional form of the Internet in that anyone can gain access through an established portal. Each Ring Network Portal, or RNP has itís own unique address and is attached through the equivalent of a server. These portals are established on each world and access is controlled locally. However, the Tun-Sho-Lok, and then later, the Keruh and Androktones, can also establish portals on other worlds where none exist, or can override the protocols of other portals even when the local population attempt to block them. To stop this, the Keruh add a genetic descriptor to their local RNP that prevents access to their Homeworld by anyone other than a Keruh.

The Ring operates across both space and time, in other words all the planets are attached to the Ring in real time instantly, now, regardless of when or where they are. This means that civilisations on worlds yet to be born can communicate with and visit those that have perished long ago. Some civilisations may even be on the same planet but in different epochs. It also means that physical visits by ships across space to a long distant world may only find cosmic dust despite the same civilisation being alive and vibrant when visited through the Ring.