The Friendly Ambassador: Principal Characters

Gusta and Didi Albatus are Edenites who work in the Tun-Sho-Lok Embassy on Eden. Their children are Breda, a young woman working in the city, and Tipi, a teenager at the College of Learning.

Kiki Nomanta is the fiancé of Breda Albatus.

Li-Sen-Tot is the Tun-Sho-Lok Ambassador to Eden. He is also referred to as the Councilman by the Androktones. He is a member of the Humeric Council, an ancient ruling body of the Tun-Sho-Lok whose members gain entry by hereditary right of succession. Ro-An-Lee is a diplomatic courier. Kel-Cid-An is the Tun-Sho-Lok geneticist who is responsible for the creation of the Androktones. He is also a member of the Humeric Council.

Ares is the Atlantian General in charge of the war on behalf of the Tun-Sho-Lok, Atlantian and Klysanthian Alliance. Hephaestus is his principal assistant in the running of the war. President Aegina rules Atlantis. Aetolus is her leading Senator.

Memnon is captain of the Kraken. Telephus is his First Officer and is brother to Aeolus, the captain of the Prometheus. Peleus is the First Officer on the Prometheus.

Queen Otrera is the Matriarch of the House of Our Loving Saviour, the leading House on Klysanthia. She rules the Klysanthians. Orithia is one of her Royal Guards.

Anaxilea is Matriarch of the House of Charity. She is also the captain of the Klysanthian ship the Furnace Of Charity (Each House names its ships according to its House name). Cassiopea, Philippis, Phoebe and Clyemne are members of the ships crew. Phoebe is also Anaxilea’s daughter.

Scyleia is Matriarch of the House of Heaven. Her ship is the Gate Of Heaven. Heli, Alcinoe, Prothoe and Kreousa are members of the ships crew.

Lysippe is the First officer on the Shrine Of The Spirit. Her captain and Matriarch of the House of Spirit is Telepyleia. Following the ships loss she is transferred to the Prometheus where she meets Peleus and they begin a tempestuous affair.

Pantariste is Matriarch of the House of Angels. Her ship is the Queen Of Angels. Derimacheia is the First officer on the Queen Of Angels. Alcibie is one of her crew. Pantariste pursues Peleus after his relationship with Lysippe has ended. At first he is reluctant, saddened by the departure of Lysippe, and jealous of her love for the wounded Telepyleia. But Pantariste is determined and doesn’t give up until she wins him over.

General Orbanta is in charge of the defence of Eden. He is also head of the Military Government following the demise of the Ruling Council. His aid is Air Marshal Addi Joventa. Captain Limeno is captain of the Edenite ship Alentin, and is responsible for the deploying of the nuclear device at Elengrad. Keltus is the First Officer on the Alentin.

The Corporal, Ganatus, Pedomoner, Klemunus, Eastomoner, Relther and Altus are Edenite soldiers. The Corporal is never named. Colonel Falamunus, Colonel Salther and Major Stumomoner are officers in the Edenite army. Ziti Harktus, Belomonor, Sabatus and Demantha are pilots in the Edenite air force.

Lupili, Rualda and Jeddra are Edenite survivors. Kelandra Hemunus is a teenage schoolgirl who escapes with Tipi Albatus. Her father is Captain Hemunus on the Edenite ship Salazar, which is lost in the war.

El-Quan, Tai-Gil, Soo-Fam, Mai-Ann, Vin-Di, Fam-Kai, Lai-Wa, Zen-Po, Yan-Jai and Ann-Ra are Androktones. Mai-Ann is the inferred leader of the Androktones although no ranks are given. Other Androktones take charge as the situation dictates according to experience and age. El-Quan rescues Didi and Gusta Albatus, and she, Ann-Ra and Tai-Gil are the most affected by their association with the Edenite and Klysanthian characters.

The First of the Mysan’Taf, Dominant of the Mysan’Taf, Dominant of the Belol’Fan, and Seventy-Ninth of the Telen’Gal are the principal Keruh characters. The Dominant and First of the Mysan’Taf remain in space while the Dominant of the Belol’Fan is on Eden in charge of the combined Keruh Host.

The Seventy-Ninth of the Telen’Gal first captures Breda Albatus, Lupili, Rualda, Jeddra, Kelandra, Anaxilea, Clyemne and Cassiopea, and then becomes their prisoner when they are rescued by Androktones that include Ann-Ra. The Seventy-Ninth of the Telen’Gal is the most affected Keruh character by his association with the other alien races.