February 2016 Review

My Quarterly Blab Thing

The New Year is now well under way and it won't be long before it is my birthday. Not that I celebrate these as much as I used to. I think that has something to do with the number of candles on the cake. But at least it isn't as cold as it could be this year. I have never been very tolerant of the cold, but I seem to find it more uncomfortable these days, even when I know it isn't as cold as it used to be in the Winters of my youth (nice title there). But I think that also might have something to do with those candles.

I have added a little gizmo to my website that allows people to go directly to an Amazon preview page for each book. I like playing with html code like that. It is sort of fun when they work.

I updated my prices on Google Play Books this month. That only leaves the prices on Amazon to be updated. Most of the retailers fed by Smashwords have now got the new prices and free books in place, but Apple seems to be lagging behind. Until Apple are up to date I will leave the Amazon prices alone.

I hope you all had a Happy Christmas and an exciting New Year. Time to look forward to Romance and Valentine's Day. Got your Cadbury's Cream Egg yet?

See you next time. Probably.

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