February 2014 Review

My Monthly Blab Thing

A late update this month for no particular reason. I think I just got on with things and the days just went by. As I write this the 14th approaches. I will be 57 then, an ineresting although not significant milestone. I hope everybody enjoys celebrating my birthday. I believe I narrowly escaped being called Val...

On the book front, I have now added all my ebooks with trade paperback equivalents to the Amazon Matchbook programme. This means that if you buy or have bought one of my trade paperbacks from Amazon then the Kindle version can be obtained for free. I set the Matchbook price to free as I think that having a combined paperback and ebook in one purchase is a nice idea and would be something I would like to do at all retailers. So far this is the only way. Mind you it doesn't work for The Friendly Ambassador: The Beginning of the End or A Fine Woman, as they are both free anyway. And both Mind Games and A Fine Woman don't have trade paperback versions available, so these are not in the programme.

As some of you may or may not have heard, Sony is cutting back on its eReader stores, so from March Kobo will be taking over the Sony US and Canada stores. I am not sure how it effects other countries. I do hope Sony keeps a presence in the world ebook market as I have sold a few through their stores. I wish them luck.

Next time I write one of these I will be a year older.

See you next time.

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