February 2013 Review

Birthday News

The year is moving on as all years do, and February has arrived once again. I sort of look forward to February with the same anticipation as I do for Christmas in December, and again, just like Christmas, my birthday on Valentine's Day is celebrated by everyone else. Why is it never just about me? With that selfish thought I have to admit that it is probably being born on Valentine's Day that has given me an interest in Romance. I always have romantic elements in my books and stories, and I always feature women prominently. Does that make me girly? Who knows?

As expected, work has indeed added to my distractions. Even my other hobbies have suffered. This is because what I do for a living I sort of enjoy. My new job involves CAD work, and as you may or may not know, anything that involves 3D or creating models gets my attention. I have even been referred to as a CAD Monkey, and I have to admit that it sort of fits. I can stay playing on my computer round the clock, until the pangs of hunger or the need for the toilet drags me away. Or I just fall asleep with my head dropping onto the keyboard. Creating models and playing with them on screen is an addiction for me. There, I have said it, I am out of the closet. In comparison, writing just doesn't do it for me anymore. The magic of imagining and creating characters and long twisted plots and then putting it all down on the page used to dominate my waking and sleeping thoughts. Now those times are empty, or filled with other mundane things. Or 3D modelling.

I received my first cheque from Amazon this month, which was a welcome surprise. Not that I haven't been paid for my writing work before, Smashwords has paid me each quarter for over a year now. So at least I can say that my writing has paid off in at least a small way.

See you next time.

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