February 2012 Review

Just News

My Smashwords adventures have now resulted in many of my books being available at a whole host of new retail websites. I now have my books available at the Sony eBookstore, the Apple iBookstore, and on the Nook, Kobo and Diesel ebook stores. I have updated the List Page with all the new links, and I have taken the opportunity to do a revamp of the whole layout. Do you like it? Obviously it takes time for my book pages to get off the ground at each of these online stores, and not all of my books have appeared on all of the stores yet either, so some links are still to be added, but so far so good.

At the moment I am working on the Smashwords edition of “The Friendly Ambassador: Walking with the Enemy.” This will be the last of my published books to format and distribute through Smashwords. After this one it will be something new —if I can ever get around to the “Oracle” that is!

As you may know, but probably don't, I originally published the first two books in “The Friendly Ambassador” series with PublishAmerica. The last of these, “The Friendly Ambassador: A Gathering of Angels” will come out of contract with them near the end of this year. After that I intend to re-publish it through CreateSpace and also as a Google eBook. At the moment it isn’t searchable through Google Books for this reason, but I will add the feature when the PA contract expires.

Talking of Google Books and eBooks, the search facility with them had a bit of an issue over the past few months which has only now been fixed. This related to the specific ‘search my book’ search boxes here on my website, and so I changed them to more general links to the Google Books website. Now they have been fixed I have returned the search boxes to my website. Did you notice?

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