February 2011 Review

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As in the rest of the world, the weather here in the UK is pretty dismal, but at least it isn't snowing.

I am now well into the writing process for “The Sullenfeld Oracle.” This is slightly unfamiliar for me as it is some time since I did any real writing in earnest. As I mentioned last month, I sort of know where the story is meant to be going, but the plot, characters and story itself still need a lot of work. At the moment I am introducing these basic elements, but I still need to sort out the direction (the plot) for the story. What I mean here is what events are going to take place, and why, and what order they will take place in, and which characters will be involved in each event, and why they are involved. Each event also dictates the content of the next one, so I need to have it all clear in my head before I start. Once I have the direction, once I know how each sub-plot and the various characters involved all evolve and relate, then the story will start to write itself. So while I write, I think about where things need to go, and what other things need to be in place for them to happen, and then go back and edit the parts where the necessary changes or additions need to be put in. But the story is moving forward and has already gone passed the twenty thousand word mark. And the more ground work I complete, the less I will need to go back and make changes.

This sort of mental fleshing out for a story usually takes place well before I write anything. In the past I would think of an idea for a story and begin to assemble it all in my mind as I travelled to and from work, using the time on a bus or train to create a story rather than just read someone else's like the other passengers sitting nearby. I would think about it on a daily basis when travelling, or in the evening when in bed before and after sleeping. By the time I start typing most of the building blocks are there and in the right order. That doesn't mean that further changes won't take place, it just means that the writing process itself takes off much more quickly. In recent years this “mulling over” time has diminished as my head has been filled with much more pressing real life problems, leading to a squeezing out of my writing. Although my personal situation hasn't changed greatly, I have found more time available in front of the computer to enable me to make a more consistant attempt at one of my last available hobbies.

I have a feeling, what with the number of characters and sub-plots, that “The Sullenfeld Oracle” is probably going to be a biggie if I do manage to finish it. Wish me luck.

See you next month!

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