February 2010 Review

Writing News

I have now managed to update the cover images and book descriptions for all of my books on Barnes & Unfortunately, two of my books are missing from their website. These are “In the Shadow of Mountains: The Lost Girls,” and the “Tale of the Comet.” It seems I have to wait and see if these titles appear in due course.

Although I am still in the enquiry phase with regard to getting my books onto the Barnes & Noble eBook program (allowing them to be read by their eReader and nook), I have had a lot more success with Kindle. Amazon are now allowing people from outside the USA to set up accounts on their Digital Text Platform where they are paid by cheque rather than requiring a US bank account. As a result I have now managed to convert and place my six MobiPocket ebooks onto the Kindle platform. Here they are all available at $2.00 in the USA and $4.70 in the UK, regardless of the page count. I am very happy to have been able to do this at last. Now I will have to see how they do.

The only books missing from my ebook collection are the four books in “The Friendly Ambassador” series. I am in the process of working on “Changes”, but I can't do anything with the first two books unless PublishAmerica changes its attitude to digital publishing first. And that might be happening. PublishAmerica have recently sent out an email about an ebook option, asking authors what they think, so there might be some good news here too.

So, you can now find me and all my books on at my Amazon Author Page. To purchase a Kindle version of one of my books from, you can visit my Kindle Author Page. Obviously you will need a Kindle to read my books in this format. Alternatively, all my ebooks can still be found on at my MobiPocket Author Page.

All I need now is a Barnes & Noble Author Page! See you next month.

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