February 2008 Review

Writing News

I have had a bit of a problem.

On a Saturday just before the end of January I sat down to start work on formatting “The Return of the Sixpack” (alright, so that's a lie. I actually started messing around with a uniform for one of my graphic images but I didn't want to admit it) when everything went blank. And I don't mean in my head. The screen went blank on my computer and you can guess what had happened. Well, after a few aborted attempts to get it running again, during which I had to do a full restore of everything, it died completely. I sort of suspected what had happened, and this was confirmed when the little beast went away for repair. The fan had failed and the whole thing had got overheated and then stopped. Well, now it is back after two weeks and I am typing on it as I speak. The fan has been replaced and I am still in the process of downloading all the updates from the past year or so.

So what did I lose? Well, an awful lot of stuff that was unimportant but nonetheless dear to me. Yes, that's right, mainly my graphic images and things like that. All the really important stuff, or at least most of it, is saved in several different places and so can be restored. Some other stuff was backed up elsewhere after I bought this computer in 2006 and installed it the first time, so that just came right back with little effort. But I will miss the stuff I lost.

Ah, well, back to work. See you next month.

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