February 2007 Review

Site News

No changes this month. However, in time I may alter the free and pay chapter links as these are sort of out of date, particularly for the stories that have been published. My intention is to still allow access to those of you out there with passwords, but to make it a little clearer. It may be that the Order Page becomes a Login Page. I will let you know.

Writing News

“The Look of Love” is in the process of being published. Hopefully everything will go well and the book should be available in trade paperback form sometime this month. If you have read the book and enjoyed it on this website and would like a real version, please visit and get your very own copy.

I am now working on the formatting of “The Dreamer,” although I am taking my time as I already seem to have enough books out there. As before I hope to have the book published by BookSurge. Again, the cover will be done using DazStudio, although I am unsure of the content yet. “The Dreamer” is such an unusual story I will have to think awhile before I decide.

See you next time.

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