February 2004 Review

Web Page Progress

WorldPay, who administer my payment system, are now back on line and the problems seem to be over. The payment system should work okay, but if you do have any problems, or if you have just been thinking about it anyway but are unsure about buying on the web, email me and I can let you have the passwords you require.

I have just renewed my domain name, I now have four:,, and These point at my two sites, both of which are basically the same, although is the main ASP server at Brinkster. I have a presence on most of the search engines, but as with everyone, it depends on what keywords you use in your searches. The two domain names are an attempt to pick up more options. I still get a reasonable number of visitors so it must be working. I hope you all like what you find here.

Writing Progress

Still no Short Stories this month and “The Friendly Ambassador” is now on to chapter fifty-one. Work on the story proceeds steadily and I now have very few events to describe. I am into the 'tying up' stage I think, and ideas that I wrote down in sketchy fashion when I first thought of them are gradually being used up and embellished. I think there will be at least two more chapters and probably a fat epilogue. And then it will be on to “The Twelve Ships”. Do I ever get any rest?

Before going on to my next major project I will attend to my Short Stories. I have the two serials to finish and another in the background. And I have an idea for a slightly comical story too. But first I must finish my main story and get it up there for you to read. You have forty chapters of “The Friendly Ambassador” to read so far, and the last dozen or so won't let you down, I promise you. So get reading and let me know what you think.

What do you think of it so far? Email me!