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The Tale of the Comet

The planet Ellerkan is a very confusing place for Susan and her two children, Michael and Jennifer. One moment they are driving back from McDonalds, and the next moment they are in a forest being shot at with laser rifles while being chased by Knights in armour.

Susan is rescued by Cameron and a group of Androktones led by Soo-Kai, but despite their help, her two children are lost. Jennifer, like Cameron's daughter, Stephanie, is captured by soldiers of the Dragon Prince and taken to his castle known as the Dragon's Lair. And Michael escapes when he finds and befriends another Androktone, Chen-Soo. It is a friendship that will have an important affect on all their lives.

At the house of Rolf L'Epine, Susan learns more about Soo-Kai and a history of war and conquest between a race called the Navak and the Androktones. It is a war that once spanned the galaxy, but ended here on Ellerkan.

For Susan, the answers only create more questions, and events soon overtake her and her children as feuding Princes, ancient wars and forgotten technology all add to the confusion and death.

Who are the troopers that sneak about the forest? What is it they want, and why did they sabotage a colony ship and then abandon it and it's passengers and crew? Why is it that Rolf fears his own daughter, Chen-Soo? Will Kai-Tai lead the surviving Androktones against them? And what motivates Vin-Ra, the Androktone that now lives in the castle as consort to the Dragon Prince?

Only one fact is clear. The only way to escape from Ellerkan is through the portal in the Althon Gerail, one of the last of the Twelve Great Ships. The portal is a transportation device that can cross space and time. It is the portal that brought them here, and it is the only way they can all return home. But the wreck of the Althon Gerail lies buried beneath the Dragon's Lair Castle, and to rescue their children and reach it Susan and Cameron must face the Androktones, the troopers, the army of the Dragon Prince, and the horrors that dwell within the ship itself.

(ISBN - 1-4196-5542-6)

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