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A Song For All Seasons

“The Dreamer” was inspired by a song called “Day of The Dreamer” by a rock band called Renaissance. Practically all of the lyrics in the song have meaning to the story. Of course, Nac Tikmak is the Dreamer, and at the end of the story he and Angela just sail away together.

The song was originally published in 1978 on the album “A Song For All Seasons.” I still have the album on vinyl. These days you can pick up a CD version of the same album. There is also a compliation album from Mooncrest Records (CRESTCD 053 Z - UK or CRESTCD 053 - EXPORT) entitled “Renaissance Day Of The Dreamer.” The track is also featured on this CD.

Renaissance Day Of The Dreamer

If you decide to buy either of these CD's try searching on or the usual search engines. If you want further information on Renaissance, try their original fan page at Northern Lights, or their website at, or again, try the usual search engines.

For your delectation you can play the “Day of The Dreamer” on YouTube here. Be warned, its ten minutes long! Lyrics of the “Day of The Dreamer” are also shown below.


Falling around me lay, parts of my life
I'm leaving them all behind
We leave with the night
Living in strange ways
Has cast me aside
I cry in another world now
I must search for all my days gone by


Dreamer lead me ever closer
Here is where I belong
Inside my own existance
I have been for so long

Voices that call to me, lay silent to hide
Soon I will hold them close
With words from my eyes
Living in hope of you
Loving you now
You are my waking thoughts
I lay with you in my sleeping hours


I stand and gaze upon your smile
A deep reflection
Held in my soul as a child
To grow within the warmth of love
Long forgotten
Tears flood your eyes in a moment
Dreamer, I became as one within you
To lose you far away

I stay inside your heaven now
No longer lonely
Once more I'm safe in your arms
To feel your touch
Across my mind
Fills me only full of desire for my being
Dreamer, really all that needs a meaning
To feel us sail away




(ISBN - 1-4196-6807-2)

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Song & Lyrics Copyright © Renaissance 1978

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