December 2015 Christmas Review

My Quarterly Blab Thing

I told you the year would suddenly be at an end. Well here we are. Christmas is just around the corner and I am already preparing for a couple of weeks off from work.

Things have ramped down a bit on the work front since my last post, mainly because a few major deadlines were in October. Those I have delivered successfully and it looks like my work load will ease in the New Year. This is mainly due to discussions with my employer and the fact that I was doing a dual role and will continue to do for the time being. But they are now looking for someone else to take up that role on a permanent basis. It will relieve me of a task that was beginning to burn me out.

On the non-writing front I have decided to follow the trends identified on Smashwords for a couple of years now and move the prices of my larger books up to $3.99. Smaller books will remain at $2.99. On the bright side I have also decided to make "In the Shadow of Mountains: The Lost Girls" and "Mind Games" available for free as they are both series starters. So that means four of my books will be permanently free from now on. These changes might take a little while to percolate through the system.

Happy Christmas to you all.

See you in the New Year. Probably.

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