December 2013 Christmas Review

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As that annoying soft drink advert says, holidays are coming, and in honour of the coming celebration (not the truck with lights) I also have a fortnight off over the Christmas period. No Humbugs for me.

I have always liked having time off for both Christmas and New Year. I think it is a hangover from childhood when the schools closed down for two weeks. It was always a happy time because it was about playing with presents and having fun. Nowadays Christmas, like any other holiday, is more about having a break from work and the norm than about presents and fun. If you have children then the presents and fun lives on in them, or it should do. As I haven't been blessed with young ones (or older ones for that matter) Christmas is a bit quieter. But it still allows me some time for myself and the wife. Mind you, neither of us are too sure about what to do with it. One thing we are sure of is that we prefer to stay home rather than travel anywhere over the Christmas holidays. We are definitely homies for Christmas.

My publishing endeavours seem to wander on under their own steam without my interference these days, mainly driven by the two ebooks I have for free; one Romance, one Science Fiction. My books are now available practically everywhere and these two free ebooks get picked up all over the place. The Romance is definitely more popular, which doesn't surprise me as I happen to like the story and character. I don't think I will add to my catalogue of published books in the near future, but I will never say never, as you never know.

Did I just say it? I did, didn't I? And more than once.

My next little post will be in January, so I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

See you next time.

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