December 2011 Christmas Review

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For the past few months I seem to have been concentrating my socialising on Goodreads. At one time it was Amazon where I was most active, conversing on the various customer forums related to books and Kindle. But I have always felt that promotion was at the heart of many of the contributors who happened to be authors, not all, but many, and as an author I couldn't really disassociate myself from that culture. The result was that my postings diminished. I am a lot happier at Goodreads but also anxious that my socialising does not cross the line into promotion. Of course promotion is allowed on Goodreads where it is designated, but I have never been a happy spammer! I like to talk about books, book covers, book trailers, and about Science-Fiction and Romance. I have favourite authors and favourite books. It's nice to chat.

My other problem is that I no longer read as much as I used to. The majority of my reading was done before the age of twenty, and the number of books I consumed fell exponentially after that. One of the reasons for this was because I had begun to write and wanted to concentrate on my writing without distractions. Another reason was real life as I started work, became a house owner, got married and all the usual pressures associated with all these things are heaped upon you. And finally it was finding books that I still wanted to read. The disappointment at not finding anything that excited me in either books or films meant that I just stopped looking.

Well, I am finally cultivating my reading interest once more, reading some free classics available on Kindle that are either new to me or that I read before but a very long time ago. Gradually I hope to move back to my Science-Fiction roots and pick up some new books that might actually stir my imagination in the way I used to remember. And maybe after that I might feel more inclined to create as well as consume.

As the Christmas Season approaches I would like to wish everyone a happy and safe one. Hopefully the New Year will be good too. And thanks to all who have visited, read or purchased my books in whatever format, and even just liked my Facebook pages.

And yes, “The Sullenfeld Oracle” remains on the back burner. At least it is warmer than me.

See you next month!

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