December 2010 Christmas Review

Website News

Still thinking more than writing. At least it is going to be Christmas soon, and the snow has already fallen outside to prove it. Its cold here!

I have been playing around with the website updating things again. The latest changes are to the music pages I link to some of my stories. These list the titles and lyrics of songs that I associate with the story for one reason or another. These pages go back quite a bit and only listed the lyrics, so they were due for an update. Anyway, I have now provided links on these pages that take you to a site where the music can be played on line. This and the presence of the lyrics I hope gives an additional experience to visitors. I have also made the links to these pages more apparent on the List Page. I hope you try them out.

As I mentioned last month, I am a visitor and an irregular contributor to The Spinning Wheel Cafe, a forum thread on the Amazon Kindle Community, and I will be doing a reading there on the 9th December, so I hope you do a fly by to see what happens. My previous and rather long-winded reading at TSW Cafe can be found here.

See you next month, and next year! So Happy Christmas to you all!

What do you think of it so far? Email me!

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