August 2014 Review

My Monthly Blab Thing

Schools are out and the roads are quieter. You can tell it is Summer, it's raining buckets and it is windy. Situation normal then. Mind you the Summer has been pretty decent so far, so I can't complain too much, but I probably will. What has been more annoying is a script thingy bug that keeps interfering with my website. It writes hidden adverts and links to all my html pages. It is something to do with the permissions on your webpages. I notice it because I use frames on my website and the added text means they don't fit, so I notice the change pretty quick. It has happened twice now and the only way to get rid of it is to re-upload all the pages from the latest back-up and update the permissions. It's worth checking your webpages from time to time in case you have had a visit from the pesky thing.

I managed to sell a few ebooks in The Smashwords Summer and Winter Sales Promotion last month. As usual the free ebooks got the most attention. Still, it allowed me to get a few more of my stories into other people's hands. Time will tell if they actually read and review them.

And that's it.

See you next time.

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