August 2013 Review

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I am at a bit of a loss this month. It is the first time in a long while when my weekends are not filled with work or other pressing matters. Not that there are not pressing matters that need my attention, it's just that they don't need them just now. So what am I to do? Yes, the weather has been nice, in fact it has been too hot on some occasions for my liking. But I am not a one for holidaying very much. I like visiting places, but the weather doesn't really affect my choice of destination. As for my other hobbies, I am not sure if I really feel like cutting and sticking or painting. So that leaves the evil box to play with. And I don't mean the TV.

If I am not working on the computer I am usually creating or modifying something in 3D. This is my most active hobby at the moment. Creating 3D models that I then have 3D printed at various companies that provide this service. It is interesting to see something you have designed and viewed on the computer in actual real life before you on the table. Of course, 3D printing from CAD files, or addative manufacturing as it is sometimes called, isn't new, and there are a lot of people doing this to create products to sell online. Does that remind you of anything?

I have always liked making things, and although this mainly applies to models it could also appy to household items (I assemble a mean flat-pack), or just doing things to my car. Now I can design things on the computer from scratch, anything I like, and send the CAD file off and have it made. So far I have stuck to model products I have delivered to a colleague who finishes and sells them. He specifies the product and supplies dimensions and so on, and I provide the CAD services free of charge. In some ways it was the same as doing book covers with 3D graphic packages, and I sometimes use the same packages to get the final look I need.

A lot of people are now "doing it at home." And that can now mean anything from writing and publishing to music and film, or actual physical products.

Brave new world, to coin a phrase.

See you next time.

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