August 2011 Review

Writing News

Following on from last month’s review, the new paperback edition of “The Friendly Ambassador: The Beginning of the End” has now been published with CreateSpace. It seemed to be a very simple and straight forward process. I decided to go for the ProPlan as this kept the edition in line with my other titles now with CreateSpace. I have also combined this new edition with the previous Publish America edition and the Kindle edition in my Amazon Author Central Account. This means that all three editions are linked together when they appear on Unfortunately, the new edition isn’t available yet on the UK Amazon site. Rather than just waiting to see if that changes in the future —which it might— I will probably try and order it from a bookshop here in the UK to check that the new edition is in the system and that it can be obtained here in the UK.

Having done the above I have also added “The Friendly Ambassador: The Beginning of the End” to the Google Books Program. This seems to have gone through okay as well, and so the book is now searchable on Google. I have therefore added the appropriate search box for “The Friendly Ambassador: The Beginning of the End” on the List Page.

Still no further progress on “The Sullenfeld Oracle.” I just don't seem to feel like writing anything at the moment. I don't seem to be very enthusiastic with regard to my writing hobby. I am too busy worrying about real life or emersing myself in one of my more ‘hands on’ hobbies to think about writing. Hopefully that will change before Hell freezes over!

See you next month!

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