August 2010 Review

Writing News

Started playing about with “The Sullenfeld Oracle” again. You never know, I might actually get something done this month.

If you remember last month I told you about Publish America deciding to publish books as paperbacks at $9.95 alongside higher priced hardbacks. Well the hardbacks seem to have been shelved, but I do now have new paperback versions of “The Friendly Ambassador: The Beginning of the End,” and “The Friendly Ambassador: A Gathering of Angels,” both at the new lower price of $12.95. Although this is slightly higher than originally stated—due to my books having a larger (300) page count—I am still much happier with this. This cheaper and more realistically priced book is only available from Publish America’s online store. However, the original softcover, now at $29.95, is still available at Amazon and other online retail stores. I don’t know if the cheaper editions will appear alongside the softcovers at Amazon, but I am assuming they will not. Obviously these two new editions of “The Beginning of the End,” and “A Gathering of Angels” have new ISBN numbers to go with them. These are now displayed on the List Page. Also on the List Page are new links to the purchase pages for these cheaper priced editions at Publish America, so you have no excuse for not buying them!

Also mentioned in the odd previous Monthly Review was my intention to publish these very same two books on Kindle. Well, in another welcome development this month Publish America has agreed to return the digital rights for these two books back to me. So I now have a cheaper paperback available through PA, and I have the Kindle versions available at Amazon for $2.00, and the eBook versions at MobiPocket for the same price. So you see you really don't have an excuse not to purchase the whole of “The Friendly Ambassador,” as you can get all four books at $8.00—and thats for 1300 pages!

By the way, for all those who read on my website, and those who actually buy Kindle or MobiPocket versions of my books: Thank You. See you next month.

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