August 2009 Review

Writing News

Following on from my discussion about ebooks and last month, I have now converted a number of my books to the MobiPocket platform. These are:

These links can now be found on the List Page alongside those for the actual books at Amazon. All the ebooks are $2:00 to buy and download. “The Tale of the Comet” is over seven hundred pages, so this is a really good buy. To read them you need to download the free MobiPocket Reader software from MobiPocket. It's dead easy to install and use. In fact the MobiPocket Creater software I used to create the ebooks is also very easy to use —and also free. If you have a book or story that you have written and you think it is good enough for others to read, but you can't get anyone interested, then this is the way you should go. MobiPocket Reader can be used on PC's and all sorts of hand-held gadgets that people love to play with. The other benefit is that your ebook will eventually perculate onto the Kindle platform on Amazon as MobiPocket is related to Amazon.

I am currently working on converting “The Return of the Sixpack,” and I am hoping to add the last two books in “The Friendly Ambassador” series after that. Unfortunately PublishAmerica, who own the rights to the first two “Ambassador” books, don't seem to be interested in ebook versions unless “they get fifty orders,” which seems a bit silly, but there you are.

The down side to all of this is that work on “The Sullenfeld Oracle” has been delayed until I get all my other books up on the MobiPocket platform. But in time this book will also join the rest as an ebook.

At least all this work is keeping me busy.

See you next month.

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